If you are signing up with us for your new website and currently have a website and domain name, you are not alone.

The vast majority of clients are switching over to our service, and this is how the process works.

When you sign up with us, your current website and domain name remain untouched and active exactly how they are.

We take 2-3 from the time you sign up with us to build your space and WordPress template on our server.

You then receive a couple of emails giving you all the info and login details you need to begin customizing your new website with us.

(We can always jump in and assist with helping you customize any aspect along the way, but that's a different topic!)

Once you have access to your new website with, you begin adding your logo, changing colors, uploading your photos, and inserting your content.

(We have step-by-step guides directly inside your WordPress dashboard that walks you through every part of the process.)

You take as much, or as little, time as you need in order to get your new website with us ready to launch and go live.

When you are ready to go live with your new website, we show you the one change that needs to be made to your domain name servers.

This change basically tells the domain name to stop pointing to the original website on that server, and now automatically point to the website on our server.

And from that moment, you have officially launched.

You can then successfully cancel your original hosting and leave that site behind.

Your domain name will always remain active with the current company (the registrar) where it currently resides.

Get started here: http://petsittingology.com/pet-business-websites/